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High-efficiency Low-toxicity Photosensitizer DL-Camphorquinone Cas No 10373-78-1 Photoinitiator CQ

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Photoinitiator CQ
Certification COA
Model Number CQ
Minimum Order Quantity 100g
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details 100g,500g,1kg,10kg,25kg
Delivery Time 3-5 days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability 10000kg/month

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Product Details
Product Name DL-CAMPHORQUINONE Cas No 10373-78-1
Appearance Pale Yellow Powder Absorption Wavelength (nm) Max 468
Melting Point 197-203 ºC MW 166.22
Assay 99.0% Water Soluble Insoluble In Water
Application Acrylic Lenses, Dental Fillings, Dental Enamel Repair Agents, Dental Adhesives, Surgical Moldings, Medical Plasters, Etc.
High Light

Low-toxicity DL-Camphorquinone


Photoinitiator DL-Camphorquinone


Cas No 10373-78-1 DL-Camphorquinone

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Product Description

Product Description:

Photoinitiator CQ - Product Overview


Application: acrylic lenses, dental fillings, dental enamel repair agents, dental adhesives, surgical moldings, medical plasters, etc.

Appearance: Pale yellow powder

Special Chemicals is a highly efficient and stable product designed for various applications in the electronics industry. With a molecular weight of 235.24, it has a melting point of 58-60 ºC, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments.

One of the key features of Special Chemicals is its low yellowing property, ensuring that the end product remains visually appealing and free from discoloration. It is also known for its high-efficiency photocleavage, making it a valuable component in photopolymerization processes.

Special Chemicals is produced with high purity, ensuring that it meets the strict quality standards of the industry. Its white crystal powder appearance makes it easy to handle and incorporate into various formulations.

With its versatile application range, Special Chemicals can be used as a photoinitiator, photosensitizer, photoresist, or in photosensitive polyimide formulations. It is particularly suitable for UV formulations used in the production of electronic devices.

Thanks to its high sensitivity, Special Chemicals enables efficient and precise photopolymerization, resulting in superior quality end products. Its stability during the production process ensures consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for manufacturers.

In conclusion, Special Chemicals is a versatile, high-purity, and stable product that offers low yellowing, high-efficiency photocleavage, and high sensitivity. It is the go-to choice for electronics manufacturers looking to produce top-quality end products.



  • Cas No: 10373-78-1
  • MW: 166.22
  • Application: Photoinitiator, Photosensitizer, Photoresist, Photosensitive Polyimide, UV Formulations For Electronics Applications
  • Appearance: Pale yellow powder
  • Melting Point: 58-60 ºC
  • Color filter
  • High-efficiency photocleavage
  • Low toxicity

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Description
Assay 99.0%
Cas No 10373-78-1
Melting Point 197-203 ºC
Absorption Wavelength (nm) 259
Appearance Pale yellow powder
Ash ≤0.2%
MW 166.22
Application Photoinitiator, Photosensitizer, Photoresist, Photosensitive Polyimide, UV Formulations For Electronics Applications
Keywords Low volatiles, Color filter, High-efficiency photocleavage, Excellent thermal stability


Special Chemicals - DL-Camphorquinone

Special Chemicals DL-Camphorquinone is a high-quality product with a brand name of PDO. It is a Norrish Type photoinitiator with a model number of PDO. It is manufactured in China and has obtained the COA certification, ensuring its quality and safety. This product has a minimum order quantity of 100g and its price is negotiable. It is available in various packaging sizes of 100g, 500g, 1kg, 10kg, and 25kg. The delivery time is 3-5 days and the payment terms include T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, and Western Union. With a supply ability of 10000kg per month, this product is highly reliable and can meet the demands of different industries.


Special Chemicals PDO has a wide range of applications, making it a versatile product for various industries. It is primarily used as a photoinitiator, photosensitizer, and photoresist in the production of photosensitive polyimide. This makes it an essential component in the manufacturing of electronic devices such as LCD screens, OLED displays, and touchscreens. Its ability to initiate photochemical reactions makes it a crucial ingredient in UV formulations for electronic applications.


Special Chemicals PDO acts as a photoinitiator in the production of photosensitive polyimide. It helps in the formation of reactive species, which are essential for the curing of polyimide. This process is essential for creating a strong and durable material, making it widely used in electronic applications.


As a photosensitizer, Special Chemicals PDO helps in the absorption of light energy, which triggers the photochemical reactions necessary for the production of photosensitive polyimide. This process increases the sensitivity of the material to light, making it ideal for applications such as photolithography and photoetching in the electronics industry.


Special Chemicals PDO also acts as a photoresist, which is a light-sensitive material used in the production of printed circuit boards and other electronic components. It is applied to a substrate and then exposed to light, which causes the photochemical reaction and creates a pattern on the material. This process is crucial in the production of high-quality electronic devices.

UV Formulations For Electronics Applications

One of the major applications of Special Chemicals PDO is in UV formulations for electronics applications. These formulations are used to improve the performance and durability of electronic devices. They are essential in the production of UV-curable coatings, adhesives, and inks, which are widely used in the electronics industry. Special Chemicals PDO, with its excellent photoinitiating properties, plays a vital role in the effectiveness of these formulations.

Appearance and Quality

Special Chemicals PDO is a white crystal powder with a MW of 235.24 and a CAS No of 65894-76-0. It has a high purity level and a low ash content of ≤0.2%, ensuring its quality and effectiveness in different applications. Its appearance and quality make it a preferred choice for many industries and manufacturers.


Special Chemicals PDO is a highly versatile product that has become an essential ingredient in the electronics industry. Its use as a photoinitiator, photosensitizer, photoresist, and in UV formulations for electronics applications highlights its importance and effectiveness. With its high-quality standards, it has become a trusted product for many manufacturers, making it a top choice for various applications.



Brand Name: Photoinitiator CQ
Model Number: CQ
Place of Origin: China

Certification: COA

Minimum Order Quantity: 100g

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: 100g, 500g, 1kg, 10kg, 25kg

Delivery Time: 3-5 days

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union

Supply Ability: 10000kg/month

Cas No: 65894-76-0

Appearance: White Crystal Powder

Absorption Wavelength (nm): 259

Ash: ≤0.2%

Melting Point: 58-60 ºC

Special Features: Low Yellowing, High Reactivity, High Purity


Packing and Shipping:

Special Chemicals Packaging and Shipping

Our Special Chemicals are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure their quality and safety. We use the following methods for packaging and shipping:

  • All of our Special Chemicals are packaged in secure and leak-proof containers to prevent any spills or leaks during transit.
  • We also use special packaging materials to protect the chemicals from any external factors that may affect their quality.
  • For bulk orders, we use heavy-duty drums or pallets to ensure safe transportation.

We offer various shipping options to meet the specific needs of our customers:

  • For domestic orders, we use reliable and reputable carriers to ensure timely delivery.
  • For international orders, we work with trusted freight forwarders to ensure smooth customs clearance and delivery.
  • We also offer expedited shipping options for urgent orders.

Our team carefully monitors the shipping process to ensure that your Special Chemicals arrive at their destination in perfect condition.