What is a high performance polymer? What is a functional polymer? What is a special polymer?

High performance polymer; high performance polymer; high performance engineering plastics. It has a wide meaning and can be divided into two aspects: one refers to high modulus, high strength and high temperature resistant polymer materials; the other refers to polymer materials with some important functions, such as high modulus and high strength fibers. And piezoelectric polyvinylidene fluoride. It is a kind of synthetic polymer material with excellent mechanical properties, good stability and continuous use at higher temperatures. The chemical structure is characterized by a large number of aromatic or aromatic heterocyclic rings in the composition, and the molecular chain is relatively rigid. There are two major categories of thermoset and thermoplastic, the latter also known as high performance engineering plastics. It can be used as a structural material instead of a metal or as a matrix resin for advanced composite materials. The mechanical properties are characterized by strong, tough, and rigid. It is a key material for aviation, aerospace and modern technology.
Functional polymers refer to polymeric materials with certain specific functions. They have specific functions due to the incorporation of specific functional groups in their macromolecular chains, or the complexation of macromolecules with other materials with specific functions, or both. For example, a water absorbing resin, which is prepared by moderately crosslinking a water-soluble polymer, encloses water in a network of a polymer when it is in contact with water, and is transparent gel after absorbing water, thereby generating water absorption and water retention functions.
Special polymer materials are polymer materials for specific applications.

Post time: Dec-18-2018