Pentacene, CAS NO.:135-48-8

Pentacene, CAS NO.:135-48-8

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CAS NO .: 135-48-8
EINECS NO. : 205-193-7
MF: C22H14
МВт: 278,35
MP: 372-374 ℃
Көрініс: Көк-қара ұнтақ
Тазалық: 99.0% (сублимацияланған)

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    Балқу> 300 ℃
    сублимация нүктесi 372 ~ 374 ℃


    Pentacene, an acene with flat-like molecules made of five linearly-fused benzene rings, has been extensively studied as a p-type semiconductor in organic field-effect transistors. It is known to exhibit large carrier mobilities of about 1 cm2 /V s within the plane parallel to the substrate.

    Due to its large carrier mobilities, pentacene has also been used with C60 in heterojunction solar cells with a power conversion efficiency over 2.7% [1, 2, 4, 5] and made into devices for light-emitting diode applications.

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