2,2-біс (гидроксиметил) масла най кіслаты (ДМБА), CAS-NO.:10097-02-6

2,2-біс (гидроксиметил) масла най кіслаты (ДМБА), CAS-NO.:10097-02-6

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Ня Сінонімы: ДМБА
CAS NO.: 10097-02-6
EINECS: 424-090-1
MF: C6H12O4
MW: 148,16
МП: 109-112 ° С
Знешні выгляд: белы крышталічны парашок
Аналіз: 99,0%

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Пункт Спецыфікацыя
Знешні выгляд Белы крышталічны
Аналіз (%) ≥99.0
Тэмпература плаўлення (° С) 108-115
вады (%) ≤0.3
Попел (%) ≤0.03
Рэшту Фармальдэгід (%) ≤0.03
кіслата Значэнне (мг КОН / г) 370-375
гідраксілу значэнне (мг КОН / г) 728-782
Fe3 + (PPM) ≤5
Na + , (ррм) ≤150
Да + (PPM) ≤10
PO43- (PPM) ≤10
SiO 2 (PPM) ≤1
SO42- (PPM) ≤10

DMBA is neopentyl carboxylic acid with two reactive hydroxymethyl groups, so it can be used as synthetic water-based polymer systems and widely used in water-soluble polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resin system. DMBA has better solubility than DMPA in different solvents, so it can greatly improve the working efficiency. 

DMBA is considered as a new generation of green & environment-friendly chain extender and internal emulsifier for water-based polyurethane; It can be used in the production of aqueous polyurethane adhesives without using organic solvents and offering zero organic residues. It solves the faults of DMPA such as high melting point, slow dissolution, long reaction time, high energy consumption, poor product performance, the need of organic solvents, big solvent residual volume and so on. It also can be used for the manufacturing of water-based epoxy resin and polyester adhesives. Currently, it is the best multipurposed modified auxiliary (hydrophilic chain extender) of polyurethane, water-based resins, water-based adhesives, water-based paints and other water-based products;as a monomer for the process of modification, Dimethylolbutanoic acid (DMBA) needs no organic solvents (water instead), therefore the production process is simpler and owns stabler and best performance. Especially, DMPA(dimethylolpropionic acid) now has become the most popular product in the water-based field for excellent cost performance!

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